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Q. What is the advantage of working with a loft conversion company?

A. Good loft conversion companies offer many advantages over working with an independent architect and separate builder. Firstly, an all inclusive price will often be cheaper but more importantly a loft conversion company will oversee all aspects of your loft conversion. Another important factor is that during the project you won’t have the builder adding extra costs on account of the architect not detailing an item.

Q. What is the minimum height required within my existing roof space to carry out a loft conversion?

A. 2.3 metres would be the minimum for most properties within London. Narrower properties can sometimes get away with a little less while wider properties may require even more as they will have larger beams. If you do not have the required height there is still an option of lowering the ceiling height of the rooms below though this is a lot more disruptive to the household.

Q. How much does a London Loft conversion cost?

A. Loft conversion prices begin at around £12,000 and can be upwards of £100,000. A typical loft conversion in London with double bedroom and ensuite bathroom will cost approximately £34,000 depending on the dormer type and property size.

Q. How long should a loft conversion take?

A. On average a loft conversion should be ready for painting and decorating 6 weeks after construction begins.

Q. Will my London loft conversion require planning permission?

A. From October 2000 Loft conversions will also be allowed without planning consent, as long as they extend no more than 20cm (about 8in) from the eaves of a property. They must also be no more than 50 cubic metres in size — roughly the equivalent of a room 18ft by 12ft. In conservation areas, loft conversions will still be restricted but single-storey rear extensions will be permitted.

Q. What happens to the water tanks in my roof?

A. If you have an older style heating system with water storage tanks in the roof space these will need to be removed. We always suggest that our customers upgrade to a new heating system rather than spending large amounts of money relocating the old tanks as this can be very expensive itself and the money is usually better spent on a new system which will also come with warrantees etc.

Q. What’s the difference between Planning and Building Control?

A. Planning permission relates to the siting, design, size, height and bulk of the development and its impact on neighbouring properties and the surrounding area. Applications for planning permission are assessed against national and local planning policies. Building control relates to the actual construction and uses the current Building Regulations to ensure, by inspection and approval, that the work is safe, healthy, minimises heat loss and can also have provision for disabled access.

Q. How long will my loft conversion take to design?

A. It will usually take 3 weeks for architectural drawings to be produced for your loft conversion

Q. How do I best decide upon which loft conversion company to use?

A. You should always get three or more quotes for a large project such as a loft conversion and remember the cheapest is rarely the best. Recommendations from friends or neighbours are always a good start but ultimately you must check the loft conversion companies work first hand.


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